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Central Bureau of Statistics releases National Census Report 2011, Report puts Nepal's population at 26.6 million

Central Bureau of Statistics releases National Census Report 2011, Report puts Nepal

KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 26 - The final report of National Population and Housing Census 2011 published by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Monday has said the country’s population stands at 26,494,504 with an annual growth rate of 1.35 percentage. The Census Report 2011 prepared by the department of statistics was released by Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai amidst a programme organized at Singha Durbar in the Capital today.

As per the census, the male population is recorded as 12,849,041 while female stands at 13,645,463.The total number of households in the country is 5,427,302 with 5,423,297 individual households and 4,005 institutional households.Population density at the national level is 180 compared to 157 in 2001. The highest population density is found in Kathmandu district (4,416 person per square km) and lowest (3 person per square km) in Manang district.

The report shows Overall literacy rate (for population aged 5 years and above) has increased from 54.1 percent in 2001 to 65.9 percent in 2011. The male literacy rate is 75.1 percent in comparison to female which is 57.4 percent. Kathmandu has highest literacy rate (86.3 percent) while Rautahat the least (41.7 percent). Of the Country's total population, Terai constitutes of 50.27 percent while hilly and mountain areas constitute 43 percent and 6.73 percent respectively.

There are 125 caste/ethnic groups reported in the census 2011. Similarly, there are 123 languages spoken as mother language with Nepali as the largest (44.6 percent) followed by Maithali (11.7 percent) and Bhojpuri (6.0 percent) .After releasing the census report, Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattrai said that country's policies should be made on the basis of population census.
However, Sociologist Dr Om Gurung expressed skepticism over the report saying it differed from the ground reality.
The national population census concluded on 2011is Nepal's 11th population census and the first one since the country became a republic.